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Lem vs. P.K. Dick

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Performance „Lem vs. P.K. Dick” (Poland)

Creators: Łaźnia Nowa Theatre

Direction and text: Mateusz Pakuła

Music: Antonis Skolias

Costumes and stage design: Justyna Elminowska

Light: Paulina Góral

Voice-offs: Małgorzata Gałkowska, Mateusz Pakuła, Łukasz Lamża, Szymon Mysłakowski, Zuzanna Skolias

Cast: Tomasz Schuchardt, Jan Jurkowski

Premiere: 23.10.2020


Date: 28.08.2022 / Sunday

Time: 7 pm

Place: Stage in Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz

Tickets: 40 PLN (reduced) / 50 PLN (regular)

Duration: 70 minutes (no intermissions)

Viewers' age: 15+

After the event we invite the viewers to a meeting and discussion with the artists

The discussion will be held in Polish



The performance „Lem vs. P.K. Dick“ directed by Mateusz Pakuła and produced by Łaźnia Nowa Theatre is based on the biographies and works of two literary giants, pioneers of science-fiction: Stanisław Lem, a Polish SF genius, and Philip K. Dick, a visionary and an unchallenged king of global SF literature.

Works of both authors have been adapted into films and plays. Both continue to inspire artists, writers and directors and provoke one to ask difficult existential questions. Few know, however, that the writers knew each other. And though they kept up lively correspondence, they never managed to meet in person. Why did the two writers' friendship by correspondence turn into hatred, which resulted in Dick's famous denunciation letter to the FBI? He argued in it that Lem was in fact not a writer, but a composite communist committee who commanded a conspiracy against the United States. Polish SF books were intended to poison the hearts and minds of American citizens, by smuggling Marxist propaganda in disguise. Was the whole misunderstanding due exclusively to money?



Mateusz Pakuła - playwright, dramatist, graduate of the the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków. He is the winner of Gdynia Drama Award for the piece "The Sorrows of the Tropics”, prize-winner and multiple finalist of the National Competition for Staging the Polish Contemporary Art (with special distinction for the text "Mój niepokój ma przy sobie broń" [transl. My anxiety carries a weapon]. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports and one from the City of Kraków. Pakuła’s plays have been translated into English, German, Czech, Spanish and Ukrainian. Based on Pakuła’s writings, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków has staged the following performances: "Wejście smoka. Trailer”, "KonradMaszyna", "Smutki tropików", "Kowboj Parówka" and "Wieloryb The Globe". The piece "Pluton p-brane" which premiered in 2018 at Łaźnia Nowa Theatre was his directional debut. Mateusz Pakuła’s latest productions include "Jungle people" in Poznań Animation Theatre, "Chaos pierwszego poziomu” in The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Kraków, and "Lem vs. P.K. Dick" in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre. On top, Pakuła also directs radio dramas.