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A good humor shop

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Performance “A good humor shop” (Poland)

Creators: CHOREA Theatre - Children's Group 

Concept and leading the group: Joanna Filarska

Scenario and direction: Paweł Głowaty and children

Stage design and costumes: Jola Królicka and children

Light: Tomasz Krukowski

Sound: Marcin Dobijański

Cast: Iga Appel, Dawid Będkowski, Lena Chojnacka, Marysia Dłabich, Kalina Jaguszewska, Kaja Jaszewska, Kalina Klimek, Dawid Łyczko, Wiktor Moraczewski, Jurek Paluch, Zosia Pośnik, Asia Sarna, Anielka Światopełk-Mirska, Antek Wójcik-Urbaniak, Jan Wyrwicz, Hania Zajączkowska

Premiere: 11.12.2021, Stage in Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz


Date: 28.08.2022 / Sunday

Time: 1 pm

Place: Room A_22, Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz

Tickets: 30 PLN (reduced) / 40 PLN (regular) / 50 PLN (family: adult+child)

Duration: 50 minutes (no intermissions)

Viewers' age: 5+

Performance will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language (PJM)



Have you ever wondered what could be sold in “A good humour shop”? Think… What would give you the biggest pleasure? What would put you in a good mood? What would provide you with happiness? How does a shop like this look like? What currency can you make transactions with? These and other questions shall be answered by young actors of the CHOREA Theatre Children’s Group, presenting their own vision of a New World.



CHOREA Theatre - a thriving, uncountable and unpredictable group of artists, performers, musicians, dancers, actors, practitioners, theatre and drama theorists. We create interdisciplinary artistic, educational and social projects: concerts, workshops and performances. We employ innovative, original work methods, going beyond the cultural mainstream. We direct our work, projects, actions and activities to: adults, youth and children, those who are regular theatre-goers, those with limited access to art, and those looking for alternative cultural initiatives. We put emphasis on team-building, joint cooperation, partnership, group dynamics, interrelations, the awareness of body, voice and musicality in our work.
CHOREA Theatre was founded in 2004 in Lublin, as a result of collaboration between two groups of performers. First group, 'The Ancient Orchestra', was developing musical and rhythmical work. Second group, 'Dances of the Labyrinth', was experimenting on movement and dance. Since 2004, before they found their residence in Lodz in 2007, they have been working in several locations. The company was first based in Naleczow, Srebrna Gora and Warsaw, they cooperated with Erthfall Dance Theatre in Cardiff (Wales). Since 2007 they established a permanent base in the city of Lodz, co-founding with Lodz Art Centre a cultural institution named Fabryka Sztuki (Art Factory) and they own an amazing industrial theatre spaces (for rehearsals, performances and workshops) situated in the 19thCentury factories, named Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz.
During 17 years of activity CHOREA Theatre fully developed its educational and artistic work. CHOREA artists organized many international workshop sessions, transnational artistic projects, their own International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy and nationwide Theatre Festival Perspektywy, and created more than 60 theatre productions, performances, and concerts. In 2015 CHOREA artists recorded a musical album 'Lullabies' and published actors training handbook 'Actors physical training. From individual to group actions'. In 2020 we recorded our second musical album "Gilgamesh" - concert for a choir, jazz trio and string quartet. CHOREA group collaborates with artists from all over the world: USA, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, India, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Syria, Japan, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, etc.
During last years CHOREA Theatre presented their performances, concerts and intensive workshop sessions all over the world. In 2009 CHOREA performed on International Meeting on Ancient Drama Festival in Delphi, (Greece). In 2010 we cooperated with Rosanna Gamson Worldwide Theatre in Los Angeles (USA). In 2011 we presented our work in Escena Contemporanea Festival in Madrid (Spain) and in Meyerhold Theatre Centre in Moscow (Russia). In 2012 we visited Stage Centre in Tel Aviv (Israel). In 2011, 2012 and 2013 we performed on Bharat Rang Mahotsav - the biggest international Theatre Festival in India. In 2014 and 2015 we showed our performances in Art Carnuntum Verein für Kunst Geschichte Theater Kultur Festival in Art Carnuntum (Austria). In 2015 we presented our work in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and in Chisinau (Moldova). In 2015 and 2016 we performed in Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre (Georgia). In 2017 we performed in Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and in St.Petersburg (Russia). In 2018 we visited Baerum Kulturhus and sandvika Teater in Oslo (Norway), we leaded an intensive workshop session, in terms of "Polish Theatre Days” during II International Theatre Festival TheATRIUM 2018 in Drama Theatre in Klaipeda (Lithuania), performed in Danube Bend Theatre in Vac (Hungary) in terms of V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting 2018, and performed on Festivalul International de Teatru Pentru Publicul Tanar in Iasi (Romania). In 2019 we visited NUKU Theatre in Tallinn (Estonia), where we performed on Visual Theatre Festival NuQ Treff, and again performed in Danube Bend Theatre in Vac (Hungary) in terms of V4 Festival and Theatre Meeting 2019. In 2020 we leaded intensive workshop session in Akademija za umjetnost i kulturu, in Osijek (Croatia), and leaded a big international online project 'Ukraine - Poland: The borderland of theatre cultures' in Lviv and Kiev (Ukraine). In 2021 we leaded intensive workshop sessions at the Akademija za umjetnost i kulturu / The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek and at the Academy of Dramatic Art / Academy of Fine Arts / Academy of Music in Zagreb (Croatia). We also leaded big international project 'Schulz-Grotowski: przekraczanie granic', in terms of which we leaded workshops and performed in Lviv (Ukraine).

Joanna Filarska - Culture animator and educator, coordinator of artistic, social and educational projects. Worked in the Community Center of Alternative Education in Lodz, in the common day-room for pre-school children 'Kraina Pełna Skarbów' in Lodz, and as an educator and animator at the University of Jan Józef Lipski in Teremiski. She coordinates artistic, social and educational projects in CHOREA Theatre and Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz. She leads and coordinates a year-round cultural education program 'Creative Workshops in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz'. She works with youth and children groups, leading music and theatre workshops. She also works with the local community, cooperates with schools and organizes the audience. She was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2015. A graduate of Theatre Pedagogy at Warsaw University. In CHOREA Theatre she leads Children Theatre Group and creates performances: "Theatre jokes", „The City“. She sings with pleasure. She performs in CHOREA Theatre concerts: 'Songs of the World', 'Lullabies', 'Concert of Ancient Music', 'Engi Vengi', "Hello Pinky Mouse!", and in CHOREA Theatre performances: 'The Bacchae', 'Vidomi', 'Darkness'. In life and work she likes the uncertainty.

Paweł Głowaty - actor, graduate of the Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź at the Acting Department. Prior to his studies, he had been associated with a dance theatre. He had taken part in the performances of the Narvas Theatre by Artur Stelmaczonek such as, among others, "Nijaki, męski, żeński" [transl. Neuter, Masculine, Feminine"] and "Porywacze ciał" [transl. "Body snatchers”]. He cooperated with students and graduates of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków at the Department of Dance Theatre. He took part in a movement miniature directed by Wojciech Chowaniec and choreographed by Jan Lorys, as well as in the performance "It’s all about bravery" choreographed by Katarzyna Baran, which was produced in cooperation with the Movytz Dance Theatre and Skin the cat. Głowaty also directed his own pieces, for example the performance "Sen Małego Króla, który nigdy nie był Księciem" [transl. The Dream of a Little King who was never a Prince] based on "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, which won the Entree Competition organised by the Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzów. There, as a part of his residency, he directed the play "Pałac lodowy" [transl. The Ice Palace] based on the Terjei Vesaas’s poetic tale with same title. During the time of his student’s time he also cooperated with Marcin Brzozowski and fellow students on the play "Technika punktu świetlnego" [transl. The point of light technique] based on the works by Philip Dimitri Galas. The performance was a success at the Moldavian and Romanian Festivals. Głowaty collaborates with CHOREA Theatre and has been engaged in the "Tragedia Jana" production directed by Waldemar Raźniak. The performance is the prize winner of the Polish Theatre 2019 repertoire, as well as the 2018/19 Golden Mask winner. Currently, he is associated with National Theatre in Warsaw.

Jola Królicka - artist, visual artist, educator, creator of multiple stage designs for concerts and events, drawing artist. She deals with artistic handcrafts, conducts educational and integration art workshops for non-disabled and disabled children and young adults. She carries out art classes for children and adults at the Poleski Art Center in Łódź. As a part of the "Creative Art Workshops in the Art Factory in Łódź" she runs family and cross-generational classes. As an illustrator, she co-operates with Polish National Television creating TV show: "Supełkowe ABC" ("The ABC Knots") aimed at hearing impaired children. She is the author of the scenography for the following plays: "Żarty teatralne" / "Theatre Jokes" (2018), "Miasto" / "The City” (2019), "Rój. Sekretne życie społeczne" / "The Hive. A Secret Social Life" (2019), "iGeneration?" (2020), "Good Morning Pinky Mouse!" (2021), "A good humour shop" (2021) made in CHOREA Theatre.



Wydarzenie zostało realizowane w ramach programu Przestrzenie Sztuki Łódź - Teatr 2021.
Projekt "Przestrzenie Sztuki" jest finansowany ze środków Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, realizowany przez Instytut Muzyki i Tańca oraz Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego.
Projekt "Przestrzenie Sztuki" dofinansowano ze środków budżetu państwa.
Projekt "Przestrzenie Sztuki" dofinansowano ze środków Urzędu Miasta Łodzi.